TJ SImpson



Available everywhere April 14



You might not have heard of TJ Simpson yet, but it won’t be long until he becomes a household name in Canadian country music.

Seamlessly combining the craftsmanship of classic country with an electrifying modern sound, TJ Simpson sings straight-from-the-heart songs that are effortlessly authentic.

“I’ve spent time trying to be this, or trying to be that”, says TJ. “But it’s a trap – and today more than ever, people see right through that. They’re looking for your heart.”

That heart is on display at TJ’s live shows, as he presents sparse, simple stories that delve deep into the little moments that define our lives – for better or for worse. He shows the true mark of a songwriter, fanning the flames of nostalgia and memory with whispers that cut like knives and choruses that stick to your bones.

“Songs are like life”, TJ says. “It doesn’t take more than a few words, a few minutes, to break a heart. Make someone’s day. Change someone’s life.”

With the release of his debut single/EP You & Me & the Radio in April 2017, TJ is ready to explode on the Canadian country scene.


You & Me & the Radio Available now!